Friday, 23 January 2015

Wonky Geese..... officially finished. Washed, dried, labelled finished. I've not named my quilts before, but now that I'm trying to be a little more professional.....and let me tell you, the effort is nearly killing me....I thought it would be nice, if my little creations could go and greet the world, with a little bit of history behind them. And you can't know your story if you don't know your name. (Deep and meaningful moment, just there!)
So, due to an error (I'm a natural at this "nothing this side of Heaven is perfect" tradition, that the early American settlers practised) my Flying Geese blocks welcomed a wonky block to the gaggle, and the name was born. Easy peasy this naming milarkey.
Anyway, I quite like it. And it's the first quilt that I quilted on my new toy, so Wonky will always be a little bit special.

The backing is one of my go-to favourites from Ikea. I just like the bright (bright) bright  sunshiny day feel to it....and it goes with EVERYTHING.....

Now to see if I can sell it, which will be the BIGGEST challenge to the whole "I'm being more professional" idea. I'm COMPLETELY pants when it comes to asking for money.....I'm much more a "'s nothing....have it" type of business mogul. HELP!!
 Thanks for popping by. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. xx


  1. Looks great! You could always sell it on Etsy and then you don't have to talk to people!! Jxo

  2. Good going, Kirstie! Onwards...!