Wednesday, 24 June 2015

In Just 8 More Sleeps.....

........Sew Kirstie Patchwork and Quilting Studio will be open!! This dream has been a long time coming, but with a lot of patience (and a Supportive Husband) it's happening!!
I left my old Pre School Manager role behind me just over a week ago, daftly believing that I would have a couple of weeks to myself, to sit and sew and finalise workshop dates and times. HA! How little I knew. Cash tills had to be bought, shelving had to be bought, bags had to be bought, labels had to be get the picture...and all the while groceries still had to be bought, Offspring and Husband still had to be fed, Dog still had to be walked and shelving had to be constructed.
Speaking of which, I have now achieved the IKEA Level Of Excellence In The Putting Together Of Flatpacks. They will probably award me a Phd in Billy Bookshelf Making. Believe you me, I qualify!! Ta daaaa!!

However, I fully understand that my Photography Doctorate will be confiscated for having allowed sunshine to creep glaringly into this photo. I do apologise. But at least you have visual proof that my IKEA Degree is well earned!!
A better photo is of the view from the Studio.......

How lucky am I? I've always loved the Priory, and there it is, in the distance, quietly keeping me company while I sew.
Thank you for popping by for this brief post.....hopefully the next one will have some actual needlework to show you! Until then, take care. xx