Saturday, 21 March 2015

Here I Go AGAIN........

....just when I thought my insides might stay inside (come on....sing along....we all enjoy a bit of Dolly Parton every now and then....)
Don't worry....I've not taken leave of my senses. But I HAVE had yet ANOTHER hernia repair operation. My third in as many years. Hence my views on insides trying to get outside. Via my abdominal wall. Or where I once HAD an abdominal wall. But THIS repair is going to be different. For THIS repair my consultant, has decided to fix extra strong mesh to my stomach wall......using SCREWS!! I have been reliably informed that these are surgical screws, and CANNOT be found in any B & Q stores. Mr Consultant told me I would be very sore because of them. Mr Consultant was right. I may never be capable of coughing, laughing or running a marathon ever again. (For those of you unfamiliar with my lazy self, it should be pointed out here, in respect of all that is honest and good, that I have NEVER run a marathon, nor indeed ever had any intention of doing so. However, I now have a valid reason as to why not.)
In other news (as it has been forever since I last posted) The Husband, The Son and I went to New York during the February half term. We had a BRILLIANT time, inspite of temperatures keeping to the -10 degrees mark. I chapped in places that were too large to be dealt with my Nivea Chapstick.
A beautiful city.....

There has also been a fair bit of no particular order.....

And now that I'm having to convalesce for the next 4 weeks, unable to even lift a kettle, you can watch this space for some hand sewing. It's a hard life...but someone has to live it!!
Thanks for popping by. xx

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  1. Ouch that sounds painful! I hope you are getting lots of cups of tea made for you! Have you got a little bell to ring yet! Sending you gentle hugs! Jxo