Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Little Bit Of This.....

....a little bit of that...This is how I am spending my convalescence. After yet more hernia repair surgery (I think we should bring back corsets!!) I'm having to find things to do, that don't involve lifting anything or bending over tables, so quilting is out for the moment.
What to do? Well, I've always been very talented in the Dabbling Department. Dabbling is where I'm happiest. That and in it's sister department, Pottering. I only manage to finish quilts because I rule myself with an iron fist, and MAKE myself finish one project before kindly allowing myself to start another. If I relaxed my grip for even a moment, quilt tops would abound in various states of un-finish, with little to no hope of ever becoming a fully fledged quilt.
However, due to my inability to lift anything heavier than a needle, whilst seated comfortably, I've managed to find a little bit of this and a little bit of that to keep me happy.
Firstly, a little light quilting magazine reading lead me to this....

Hopefully, if you get your magnifying glass out, you'll be able to read it. For those of you out there that quilt, I'm sure this will raise a wry smile.
Then I turned my hand to embroidery, which I enjoy every now and again. I found a delightful pattern by Charlotte Lyons (actually I found 2 but haven't had enough time yet to complete them both)........

These little ladies were a lot of fun to make, and are just the right size for little hands to hold.
And today found me another little Dabbling Project, thanks to the lovely Kati and her Fabulous Family. Kati has a couple of vintage crochet throws. She also has a couple of little boys. (Well Kati also has another son and a daughter, but they're Sensible And Not To Be Blamed!) I'm not sure which of the toddlers stand accused of Pulling The Thread, but suffice to say that thread was pulled, and unravelling occured. Yippee....another little job I can do.....

The repairs should be finished this evening, so I shall once again be strolling through the Dabbling and Pottering Departments. How exciting! I'm never entirely sure what will pop up....watch this space!!
Thanks for dropping by to see me. See you soon. xx

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  1. Aw K, what a rotten time of it you are having! I hope you heal quickly! Jxo