Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Newest Member.......

......of the family has arrived! You may remember that a while ago, I bought a quilting frame which adapts a domestic machine into a long arm quilter. This meant that my All Dancing All Singing machine has moved upstairs to set up permanent residence in my bedroom, with said frame.
You may also remember from previous posts that I am Madame Laziness Personified, and although All Singing All Dancing could be easily carried back downstairs, it would require some effort on my part (ha!) and some faffing around, re-setting All Singing All Dancing when she returned to her perch on the frame (ha!ha!ha!). Not only am I lazy, I'm not so good in the Faffing Department either.
So, since the arrival of the frame, I have been piecing on my back up machine, Little Brother. Now Little Brother is a perfectly fine machine, and will always have a home here with me, but his one major flaw is that he refuses to wear the beautiful Janome feet that I have.....funny that! I've tried not to let that affect our relationship, and for the most part, almost succeeded....but struggling to put the binding on a quilt, without a walking foot, finally sent me to Relate For Sewing Machines. Otherwise known as Ebay.
After a little searching, I found the lovely Julia, who was looking for a good home for her Janome New Home. We discussed and agreed terms, and a few days later I welcomed New Home to her new home. And she is perfect. A gentle, middle aged lady, who happily wears all the feet I ask her to.......

We settled into a happy understanding instantly, and now this little pile of Riley Blake (which had been quietly waiting in the wings)..... now transforming into these.....

My first time at piecing Economy Blocks, and I've fallen in love (it happens a lot!) With any luck, today should see a baby quilt well on it's way to completion, while I put Newbie through her paces.
Thanks for popping by. Happy Sunny Sunday to you. xx


  1. Love the economy block too! Best of luck with Julia xx

  2. Glad you won't be needing to go to Relate anymore! Cute blocks! Jxo