Sunday, 18 January 2015

A Day on the Blocks.....

.....I've had a lovely needle-worky day, thank you very much!
I managed to get two of these done.....

....for Judith at who is part of the "Bee Blessed" group, which put various blocks, made by various people, together for those in need in hospital. For a little while the pink one looked like this..... the deliberate (???) mistake!! Fortunately, my best friend, The Un-Picker, was at hand to help sort things out.
Then, after a lovely dog-in-the-forest walk (Thank you, Sarah!) and between dealing with The Sunday Roast, I had enough time to put an example block together, which I tweaked from an original from Amy Ellis (I think!), for a commissioned quilt.......

It will be shown to She-Who-Will-Decide tomorrow, so watch this space as to whether it stays as a lonesome block, or makes it to a fully fledged quilt.
I'm off to do some hand sewing now, on some binding on some blocks that DID make it to a fully fledged quilt. More on that at a later date.
Happy Sunday to you all. xx

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  1. The blocks are brill K! Thank you so much. I couldn't do without my (2) stitch rippers!! Have a great week. jxo