Saturday, 10 January 2015

S(l)ew Progress

As many of you know, I spend half my life racing around like a headless chicken (as most working mums do!) and the other half standing around on football pitch sidelines. To maintain a little sanity (and to prevent me from becoming a Permanent Screaming Banshee) I try and fit in a little hand stitching every day....usually too late at night to manage a lot.
My real love is EPP, but progress can be really slow.....however little by little I inch forward, and one day these will be a quilt....

Watch this space....but please don't hold your breath whilst doing so!
Thanks for popping by. Football beckons.....xx


  1. They are so gorgeous! I really want to have an EEP year long project myself. I better sort something out or it will be July before I blink!

  2. Plenty of screaming banshees over this side of the water too! Gorgeous EPP! Hang on to that sanity! Jxo